Powerlifting Meet


I competed in my first powerlifting meet last weekend.


Chalk It Up


I forgot to mention it but I am deadlifting in the 140lb. range, and instead of using the combo under/over hand-grip, I decided to chalk up my hands and try it. And while it’s so basic sounding, I was really hyped about using the chalk.

AND the chalk helped out a lot. A little bit goes a long way.


It’s all Overhead


I’m still working on my 5-rep-max for other workouts at my gym. Keep in mind that I’m not using any machines for these workouts, just me and the barbell.

Last night, I worked on my max for the overhead press. I ended up at 55 lbs. for my 5-rep-max but I am bummed that I messed up on my 5th rep @ 60 lbs. and couldn’t clear it, so I had to dial the numbers down. I know that it’s typical for a female to not do very well on overhead press when compared to males due to anatomy, so I don’t feel so bad.

I’ve had a shoulder problem for a few weeks, if not two months now; the causation (according to my chiropractor) is that my front shoulder muscles are stronger than my rear shoulder muscles (the deltoids???), and it’s a continuous tug-a-war that my rear muscles are losing, thus the moving of the humerus bone.

Because of my overhead press work last night, I am paying a very big price with slight pain in my left shoulder due to it already having problems before and I am being a doofus and adding (lots of) weight to it.

Not only will I have to work on my overhead press work, I’ll need to do deltoid work to keep everything in line.




I was pretty weak when I started my powerlifting class about 4 weeks ago, and today, they finally let us attempt 5 rep maxes for weights.

Today was the first day for the 5 rep max, working on different lifts through the week, and it was with the bench-press. I had started with just a 15 lb. aluminum training barbell and had slowly worked my weight up to 60 lbs., being very slow and cautious.

Today, my coach encouraged me to go “balls-to-the-wall,” and I managed to upgrade to the 45 lb. steel barbell — THE BIG GIRL BAR!

I ended up being able to do a 5 rep max @ 95 lbs. — I surprised myself!!!