My Fitness Journey

I’ve always struggled with my weight and my body image, trying many different diets and cardio exercises no results worth mentioning; sometimes they would work and I’d lose weight but I would usually bounce back to the weight that I started at.

Even though I had lots of body image issues, I ended up with the most amazing significant other ever, who I affectionately refer to as my “Babe” in random posts from June 2015 and forward; The Babe somehow convinced me that powerlifting would be for me, that my body is built for olympic lifting and that I should really give it a try.

And then on March 15, 2016, I attended my first powerlifting class and I was hooked. I started with literally no knowledge of lifting, no knowledge of terminology, and no idea how amazing the culture of lifting could be and actually is.

You may start reading me since I’m adding all sorts of powerlifting tags and you may laugh at my noob-ness and I may stumble with the terminology as I journal my way through, but I hope you can tolerate me enough to see my transformation.