So I went live on my photography portfolio website.  I’m choosing to not connect this blog, as it’s personal and usually has nothing to do with photography, separate from the portfolio.

But anyhoo, I also made a facebook page for it, and ya.  Good times!

And just as an added bonus, a picture of Tofu being cutesy while testing out my new white backdrop.






I think I’ve become passionate about photography again, so I’m trying to take my editing skills to the next level, so to speak.  So here I am, masking things like there’s no tomorrow. The first one is the original as it was taken in a hotel room during AnimeFest 2014.  The second image is the one that I am teaching myself on how to mask with.  Don’t mind the crappy background, it was just a quick trial.  Plus, it makes more sense if you like Fairy Tail.  🙂



HDR: First Attempt


So, I finally figured out how to use some settings on my 5D Classic.  I find it amazing that a camera that is circa 2008 is still teaching me new settings/techniques.

I present to you: my pile of important shit.  Well not really, lol.

Maybe next time, it’ll be of something cool like maybe the Dallas skyline.  /shrug




Well with this shutdown and all, I had plenty of time to do nothing.

But instead, I did something.

I worked on my photography portfolio.

I’ve never put a photography portfolio together before so for the online version, I let smugmug take care of the hard work.  I can say that I’m pleased with it.

You can see my portfolio at



Looking through some old photos that I had shot a few months ago.




As I start to seriously delve into the world of photography and learn the rules (so that I can break said rules later), I can appreciate how the idea of balancing the screen is pleasing to the eyes and the mind.

Examples that I saw today on the inter-webs…




I’m not much of a Photoshop user, I try to abstain from using it on my clients because I feel that it doesn’t do my clients justice by hiding their true beauty with what society thinks is “beauty.”

But last night, I felt compelled to try a composite shot. I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone and try something new.  And who better to try it on that my beloved MINI Cooper S, Cherise.

I started out with, one off-camera flash, a silver reflective umbrella (see previous post), and my camera on a tripod. The location was my driveway, at ~10pm.  The following “behind-the-scenes” picture was taken by my iPhone 4S camera, and as you could see, the setting was less than stellar.  I had a flood light from the garage on the camera’s left and I had a porch light on the camera’s right.  Not to mention that you could also see my neighbor’s house in the background, not a “look” that you would want in your picture…

2013-08-02 21.47.08-1

The following is one of the shots I got with my flash to the camera right. I can’t really remember the settings as I was shooting in full manual on my flash and on my camera.  The effect that I was trying to achieve in each shot was to light each side (left, center, right) separately.


I took quite a few shots, justifying the cost and use of my Manfrotto tripod (heeeeee).

I compiled the following picture with 5 pictures total, adjusting as I saw fit.  Although it was harder than I thought it would be to eye-ball the lighting and try to even out the layers.  I suppose this is why I would need a monitor calibrator.

More than five layers later, with a little bit of spot cloning and brush healing, I think I am satisfied.  Yes, I could have used more than one strobe to take the picture as is, but I only had one light modifier and the lighting would have been uneven. Also, it wouldn’t have given me the challenge that the photographer in me was craving.

2013-08-03 05.10.28