Gone Missing


Sorry that I’ve been gone for so long!  I’ve been doing lots of powerlifting stuff still, but give me two more weeks and I’ll write yall all about it (I got a competition coming up!)

And also, my car is flipping falling apart and I’ve been thinking about getting another car.


More MINI things


I finally hit 126,000 miles. Which means that it comes with a lot of responsibilities to  fix/replace/upgrade parts on the car to keep her going. One of the things needing attention is the expansion coolant tank for the r53, here’s a video of mine leaking and hissing at the seam.

Since I plan on keeping the MINI for another 10 years, I went ahead and bought an aluminum replacement off of eBay for $100 shipped.

MINI Cooper Thangs


Been busy with my car lately!



Time to turn a new leaf (or however the saying goes).

I really need to start saving money.  I keep telling myself all the time that I will, but this time I seriously mean it.

With my car crapping out two times within a 7-day period, it quickly showed me how I had been foolish and not saved up money for a rainy day.

And it wasn’t just a subtle crapping out, it was a “your ass isn’t going anywhere”-crapping out.


Hopefully I can get Cherise up and running again by the end of the week, because it kind of sucks being car-less in the city of Arlington, TX.



I’m gonna start being one cheap motherfucker again.

MINI Death (Again)


This time, my crank pulley damper thing went out.

Arg, Cherise is getting to be expensive all the sudden.

So another $350 (not including labor), down the drain.



Cherise fired up today.  Turns out it was the starter that had gone downhill.

I’m also contemplating taking off my short shifter, but that’s another problem all together.





Well Cherise would not start up on her own for 3 days in a row.  We kept charging the battery and she would start up once or twice afterwards but would die out again eventually.

I actually got stranded at work on Friday because of it.

So now, Tony thinks it’s the starter that’s dead, and it doesn’t sound like it’s a cheap fix.

Siiiiiiigh, just when I thought I had my finances in order, shit like this happens.