Updates and Stuff


So I’ve disappeared for quite a while, and that’s my bad.

I hit this kind of mental rut about powerlifting and it carried into a physical rut. I wasn’t making gains, I was struggling on weights that were below my 5-rep max; I’m not sure if it is because my gym doesn’t have any kind of central air and it’s been in the 90 degree temps for’ever, or other chaotic events happening in my life.

I have noticed some small changes in my body form. I’m not getting smaller (sadly), my clothes are fitting funny (also very sad); but my back fat is slowly going away, my legs are looking better than ever, and my arms are showing some sort of definition now. Perhaps all this heavy weight lifting is paying off.

Also, Pokemon Go is all the rage at the moment. It’s making me actively go outside into the heat and search for virtual animals, lol. My Bae is also very into it, and we’re on competing teams, it’s starting to get crazy with how competitive we are against each other. She is always be one or two levels ahead of me. *angrily shakes fists in the air*