I learned lots of new exercises for my third session of the sixth week of my powerlifting class. I believe now is when we’re moving into isolated type exercises. Now is the time that ALL of my past injuries, lack of mobility, and weak muscles are now showing and affecting my gains.

I fell on my wrist and suffer (or is it suffering?) from Colles’ Fracture, which is a wrist injury when falling on the palm and over-extending the wrist [don’t quote me on that]. This was over two decades ago but when I did fall, I never did seek the medical help that I should have, which meant no cast and no physical therapy; which really means that my body found loop-holes around my problems, and rewired itself on how to continue to do daily functions but not use the correct muscles or tendons or bones that should be used for said function. Needless to say that this is very painful in that it causes tendonitis, aka Tennis Elbow; include that with my current shoulder issue with the humerus popping in/out of the socket on it’s own, and I’m surprised I can even lift my mug of coffee to drink out of it.

I’ve had a brief conversation with my chiropractor who realigns my shoulder every week, sometimes twice a week, and on top of my programming for my powerlifting class, I’m now doing other exercises like the bent-over rear deltoid dumbbell raise (BodyBuilding.com Link), and a static wrist rotation with dumbbells that my chiropractor has shown me. Combined with a bunch of shoulder exercises that The Babe has shown me to do to strengthen my shoulders and add mobility, I’m clocking close to 3 hours of weight / physical therapy time a day. Just thinking about all of the work makes me tired and sleepy.