It’s all Overhead


I’m still working on my 5-rep-max for other workouts at my gym. Keep in mind that I’m not using any machines for these workouts, just me and the barbell.

Last night, I worked on my max for the overhead press. I ended up at 55 lbs. for my 5-rep-max but I am bummed that I messed up on my 5th rep @ 60 lbs. and couldn’t clear it, so I had to dial the numbers down. I know that it’s typical for a female to not do very well on overhead press when compared to males due to anatomy, so I don’t feel so bad.

I’ve had a shoulder problem for a few weeks, if not two months now; the causation (according to my chiropractor) is that my front shoulder muscles are stronger than my rear shoulder muscles (the deltoids???), and it’s a continuous tug-a-war that my rear muscles are losing, thus the moving of the humerus bone.

Because of my overhead press work last night, I am paying a very big price with slight pain in my left shoulder due to it already having problems before and I am being a doofus and adding (lots of) weight to it.

Not only will I have to work on my overhead press work, I’ll need to do deltoid work to keep everything in line.


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  1. Sorry to hear about your injury! There’s a technique called the Dumbell Shoulder Box that is supposed to be good for building shoulder strength and also supposed to help the pain when used with lighter weight. Might be worth checking out. Hope everything works out!


    • Oh awesome! I really appreciate the advice! 🙂

      My shoulder has been bothering me, not with pain (during normal use), but it’ll ‘click’ in/out of place while doing something random but typical of an office workday. I’ll totally start doing those DB shoulder boxes on the daily, and hopefully it’ll bring everything into balance.

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