Squat Work


The squats are hard as hell for me, I have not perfected my form. I feel like my squat stance starts too wide; it makes it hard for me to track my left knee over my toes, and it makes my knee hurt. I can’t go narrow stance because my hips just won’t let me.

I am able to break below parallel for reps 3 through 5 on a 5-rep set, but never able to break down low for reps 1 or 2. I’m being told by numerous people such as my coach and gym mates that it’s not a mobility issue. They are basically telling me without telling me that I’m mentally roadblocking myself, and I’m having issues un-roadblocking myself.

Still, I managed to do a 70 lb. 5-rep-max, and I’m a little disappointed that it wasn’t more, but I don’t want to injure myself because my form isn’t close to perfect yet.