Out of My Comfort Zone: POWERLIFTING


I did not realize it had been so long since my last blog post. I’ve been pretty busy doing nothing adult things.

One of those things was that I decided to be healthier and make healthier choices. I hadn’t really written about it, but due to my binge drinking habits of like yesterday ye olden days, my liver had sustained some not okay numbers when I did the liver function test at the doctor’s office; thus the going out for drinks lifestyle took a nosedive.

That was a few weeks ago, but I’m on the climb to being healthier. So with the encouragement of Babe, I’ve decided to pick up powerlifting since my cardio has left me at a weight-loss plateau.

Never in a million years would I have imagined that I would be stepping up to the bar of a different kind. I’m only in my second week of it, but I do enjoy it a lot! The gym that I attend is also very nice and surprisingly a good ratio of females-to-males, or maybe it’s just the powerlifting crew that runs those friendly ratios since the gym does run a crossfit class and other classes that I am currently unaware of at different times.

My squats are lacking, actually they are horrible. It’s a mix of things: maybe my hip mobility sucks, maybe the muscles that I’m supposed to be using for squats don’t know what the hell to do; whatever the case, I’m trying to make it though but with the best form that I can do.

I’ll write more since my life has become interesting again, so until next time, I leave you with a video of Kim Tran breaking some powerlifting records in 2015.


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