Creative Musings


I’ve been lacking from my own blog for what seems like years. To be honest, I’ve been busy and also very lazy about updating. For a while, it didn’t seem like anything was happening, and now, it seems like everything is happening.

My creativity has peaked and waned many times over the course of two years. Last year, I thought I had what it would take to go professional photographer, I even had an online portfolio and business cards and all of that legit business material made. And you know what? I crashed and I burned hard. It seemed like my creativity just flew out the god damn window with no warning and no reason.

Then suddenly, I had a burst of creativity hit me like none other. Videography sparked in me and now I’m all interested in picking up my camera again (which I upgraded along the way from a Canon 5Dc to a Canon 6D). And then good luck finally hit me on the head: one of my friends let me back stage to do some photos of him while he was DJ’ing an event. I am new and learning so be kind. But seriously, I feel like I was handed an amazing opportunity. Pictures of the event will come soon, I’m still working on editing some of the ones I really liked.

With the encourage of Babe and squad, I decided to invest in a video stabilizer that should arrive tomorrow. I’m pretty psyched because it’s going to let me be a more creative with videography (I have lots of ideas floating around in my head), which I’ve been shy about since my hands are so shaky.

So yes, that’s a kind of long yet short update about what’s been going on in my life lately. More updates to come soon when I finish editing pics and get out and shoot a ton of videos.