2015 is Leading Towards GREATNESS


I’ll just say that we’re not even two weeks into 2015 yet, and I’m having a blast.

  • I got promoted to full-time at my job, which means more income, so that’s always amazing.
  • I decided to jump off the Apple iPhone ship, and took advantage of my OnePlus phone invite.
  • I went bar hopping to celebrate my gurr Nicolette going to Switzerland for an internship for her job, and..
  • I got a gurr’s phone number (I STILL GOTS “IT”!).
  • I’ll be traveling home to Portland soon to visit my good friend to support her during a cancer diagnosis, but it’s also a treat that I’ll be visiting her for her birthday.

The year of 2015, you have been so good to me so far.

IMG_7486 IMG_7481


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