Project R98: Part 3


Well, the wheels are pretty much finished at this point.  I hit it pretty hard with the 1500 grit, but then I got sick of wet sanding at one point.

I didn’t realize how shiny the lip was until I brought them out into the sunlight to wash the wheels.

Just a couple of things left now, like polish them with Mother’s Metal Polish, throw on some Wheel Wax, and then mount some tires on these bad boys.


Tofu helping me wash the wheels

Tofu helping me wash the wheels


Project R98: Part 2


Well I’m like two years over due but here is the second part of the wheels update.  The first can be found here.

I had the old worn out tires unmounted, which made it a lot easier to tackle the tedious part: sanding.

I hit it by wet-sanding with 320 grit, then 600 grit, and finished it off with 1500 grit.

IMG_1706 IMG_1707
IMG_1709 IMG_1711



Well, I got another mod to put on the car soon. cold air intake, but I really think it should be called a hot air intake instead.

I got it used, and the website is now defunct, but after some researching with google, I’m thinking it’s a knock off of Helix’s intake.