I’m such an idiot.  I keep fucking up.

1: “You are misunderstanding my single status”

2: “I said fucked up things & did fucked up things =(”

3: “Saying ‘sorry’ doesn’t make the pain go away, I know.”

4: “But I hope these pics will show you that I’m sorry & hat you will give me a chance to explain.”

5: “You are more to me than just a friend.”

6: “You are more than ‘more than friends’ I LOVE YOU <3”

7: “I LOVE YOU ASHLEY” (serious face)

8: “I want to be with you so BADLY that I can’t breathe” (big nose pic)

9: “I wish you would believe me when I say these things =(”

10: “I want to talk to you about things and your fb messages.” – “But not on fb or thru texts.  I need to hear your voice.”

11: “So call me or come see me, please? So that we can clear this up.”