Point ‘n Shooting


I’ve been debating over the last few months about picking up a cheap (but good) point and shoot camera.

Not because I don’t like my big bulky SLR anymore, but I just can’t really pack my SLR for my random adventures and it might be easier if I have a PNS.  It’s more for those “I want to remember this!” moments.  And I’m more inclined to want one since I’ve been blogging a lot more lately (at least one post a day, baby!), and readers like their visual eye candy.

After I get my rims all fixed up, and tires thrown on them, and have them sitting on the car, and after my boost gauges and stuff are situated, I may be more inclined to concentrate some financial backing into a camera.


2 thoughts on “Point ‘n Shooting

    • Thanks for the insight! I’ve been thinking about picking up a Canon P&S since I’m running a Canon SLR, but maybe I’m too much of a Canon fangirl, haha. I do like that new Sony NEX camera, but not exactly the small P&S I was looking for. Any models that you think are good or prefer?


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