DIY R53 Serpentine Belt


I changed blog hosts, and I thought I would move this file along with me since it’s one of my most popular google hits.

Anyways, here is the DIY file that tells and shows you how to change the serpentine belt on your r53 MINI Cooper. I guess most people found it helpful because it had the diagram of how the belt should be installed, but a good indicator of installing the belt correctly is if the engine cranks and starts. If it doesn’t start, then a pulley was missed somewhere.

I definitely recommend having another set of hands to help hold the tensioner tool in place while you (or vice versa) fits the locking pin into the tensioner.

I take no responsibility or liability of damages because of this DIY file. I also cannot take any credit for it since I found it while browsing the internet!

File Download: DIY PDF